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Cancer Progress Report 2013: Contents

To fulfill the extraordinary scientific and medical promise of cancer research and biomedical science, the AACR respectfully urges Congress to: 

  • designate the NIH and NCI as national priorities by providing annual budget increases at least comparable to the biomedical inflation rate; and

  • protect the NIH and NCI from another year of the insidious cuts from sequestration, and reinstate the $1.6 billion in funding that the NIH lost in March 2013.

Therefore, the AACR calls on all members of Congress to ensure that funding for cancer research and biomedical science is strongly supported. The AACR also urges all Americans — the beneficiaries of this lifesaving research — to make their voices heard by encouraging their legislators to provide sustainable funding increases for the NIH. 

If we are to ultimately transform scientific discoveries into therapies that improve and save the lives of cancer patients, it is going to require an unwavering commitment of Congress and the administration to invest in our country’s remarkably productive cancer research and biomedical research enterprise led by the NIH and NCI.

Cancer Progress Report 2013 Contents

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